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March 23, 2017: The lake has been catching some water as of late.. But just a bit.. We have caught about a foot in the last month, and we are sitting at 271.47, or 29.73 feet low.

The good news is that at this level, there are five side by side lanes available at the county ramp..

Just in time for Bass Champs this weekend.. All three lanes are open at the state park as well. And ramps at Beacon are also useable inside the cove.

If you are headed up the river, the old bridge abutment is out of the water about a foot.. That is just a quarter mile south of the Hedieona. So for now it is easily visible..

The bridge in the Veleno is plenty deep not to be a hazard, but run the west side of the Veleno going and coming.. It is a good habit to get into..

Running the lake; What you see is what you get.. A few stickups here and there.. Run the channel and you got no problems..

January 17, 2017: Nothing like starting the year off with a lake in freefall.. We are sitting at 268.39, or 32.81 feet low. That's 4.6 feet lower than one month ago.. That's some bullshit.. This is crazy..

The county ramp is down to the two lanes on the east side of the ramp. And the state park ramp is down to the middle lane, and there is about five feet of water in the ditch on the way out.

Launching at local RV parks is spotty. Beacon still has a good river ramp, and will for a long time.

We still have plenty of access, but it is ridiculous to loose this much water this early..

The old Veleno bridge will become a problem soon.. Get in the habit of running the west bank when you enter and exit the Veleno.. We've had this conversation before.. If you do not know; ask..

Run the markers if you do not know the lake. But getting around is no problem.. What you see is what you get.. Proceed with caution in the creeks as there are a lot of hardwoods in them..

If you don't know.. Go slow..

December 14, 2016: The old bridge abutment in the river channel between Salado and Hedieona is now about 2" under water.. This is a hazard that has been around forever.. Or close..

Water level is 273.00, or twenty eight point two feet low..

Here are the coordinates on this monolith.. N 26°52,705 W 99°19,592

This is a boat killer at this level!! Otherwise what you see is what you get.. Be careful out there!

Ramps at both ends of the lake are working fine..

October 8, 2016: Hadn't said much on this page in a while.. Not a lot has changed. State Park and County ramps still working fine.. Three lanes back open at state park.. County has two good lanes and a couple on the right side that are OK for small boats..

Old Veleno bridge is safe from harm right now.. Bout four or five feet of water over it.. But stay in the habit of running on the right side going out..

What you see is what you get. No problems..

July 26, 2016: The county ramp here in Zapata has been relegated to the two left lanes, or the lanes to the east. While the other few are still in the water, there is a dropoff at the end of the concrete that is not good for your trailer..

I moved the barricade in front of the short ramps.. So launch on the east side when you go.. They are still working fine..

There is about four feet of water over the bridge rails in the Veleno.. At the most.. Go around it!!

One last note.. If you go up the river, before you get to Hedieona, stay to the west of the big block of concrete in the river channel. There are more concrete structures on the east side of the big chunk of concrete!!

July 21, 2016: As the water keeps on dropping, the hazards and ramps here will continue to be affected.. I'm just trying to keep the hazard from affecting you..

The ramp at the state park down south is now getting to the point that use of the side lanes with a big boat is not recommended. In a few days, at current release rates, they will not be useable for any boats.. I heard that they have put cones in front of them already..

The center ramp is fine and will continue to work for a few more feet of water..

The bridge in the Veleno is currently covered with about five and a half feet of water, and that is over the rails.. So it is not in the kill zone just yet, but you better get in the habit of dodging it on your way past it either on the way in or out. There are currently no markers on the bridge at all..

Skirt the brush to the west side on your way past..

I'll be updating this page more and more as the water falls..

Pray for a hurricane.. Soon..

June 3, 2016: The ramps on both ends of the lake are working fine. But there are a couple of hazards that you need to look out for. The old Veleno bridge is about nine feet under the water.. To the rails..

But there are marker floats attached to it that are substantial and you do not want to hit them either. They are currently under the water a bit, with one showing right on the east end of the bridge. Others cannot be too far away from surfacing. So I recommend that you skirt the brush line on the right or west side of the bridge coming and going out of the Veleno.

Another hazard that is in critical stage right now is the giant bridge abutment in the river just below the Hedieona.. You must miss this giant piece of concrete!!

Here are the coordinates on this monolith.. N 26°52,705 W 99°19,592

Travel past it on the west or Mexico side about twenty yards and you will be fine.. It is currently about a foot under the water!!

May 13, 2016: The lake continues to drop at an alarming rate.. And we are down to 274.51, or 26.69 feet low..

The marker buoys on the old Veleno bridge are coming out of the water, and I believe that some are just under.. So skirt the bank on the west side of the creek when you are coming and going to avoid any problems.

The concrete bridge abutment up the river just under the Hedieona only has about three feet of water on it.. So avoid it for sure.. If you do not know where they are then ask!!

I am not sure where this is going to end.. Or if it will..

April 9, 2016: The ramps at both ends of the lake are working fine, although the lake is dropping like a rock.. We have lost almost four feet since the middle of December.. But we still have plenty of concrete in the water at both ends of the lake.. We are sitting at 281.93, or 19.27 feet low.. No man made hazards out there in normal running lanes..

Pray for Rain!

March 1, 2016: Well March has rolled around and while we are loosing water, we still have no man made impediments in the water. For the most part.. We are sitting at 284.67, or 16.53 feet low..

If you happen up OPEC creek you will find the tops of the guard rail posts out of the water on the two bridges in there.. But that is not a place you should be hauling ass anyway..

Mainlake and river is all good at this level..

Most all ramps are working including state park and county.. The main ramp at Lakefront is getting dicey about now though I reckon..

It's still all good..

January 12, 2016: It's a new year and water levels are starting off higher than we have in several years. We are sitting at 285.7 or 15.5 feet low.

Launching at the county ramp here in Zapata is no sweat with five or six lanes open depending on who is backing the trailer. The state park ramp is in fine shape and all lanes are open. I call it a six lane ramp but you will rarely see two boats on the same ramp..

There are few hazards that are manmade in the lake at this level.. The only ones that come to mind are the bridges in OPEC creek. The tops of the rails are just under the water.. These are both surrounded by brush currently. If you are going there you need to use caution if you are unsure where they are at.. But they are certainly not a hazard while running the lake..

Of course anytime you are running up some back water creek you need to be on the lookout for fences and fence posts.. They are everywhere in the backs of creeks.. Common sense will go a long way.. Use it..

As always, ask if you need to know! It's all good at this level..

September 28, 2015: All things ramp related are good here on Falcon even though we have lost a couple feet of water since I last updated this page. We are sitting at 282.08, or 19.12 feet low.

Still no trouble on the main lake with bridges and other concrete items of destruction. There are a few bridges in the backs of creeks but you should be fine using ordinary precautions at this level..

More water would be good.. So pray for rain!

June 23, 2015: It's been a weird year but great year around here when it comes to water.. We have been catching it when we should have been loosing it.. But that is all good with me..

As of this morning we are sitting at 283.48, or 17.73 feet low.

And that means that there are no known hazards anywhere on the lake.. Other than the obvious.. Ramps are all great and launching at Tiger Island is very doable as well. Great water level to fish and play.. Come get you some..

April 15, 2015: You might have to worry about getting your taxes filed today, but you don't have to worry about the ramps and hazards on Falcon at this time. The county ramp is five wide, and all three ramps at the state park are open. The lake is still rising slowly, and parking places are getting a bit fewer at the county ramp below the hill. Other than that.. It is all good!

January 27, 2015: No problems at the ramps at this time.. If you are headed up the river be sure and watch out for the bridge abutment just below Hedieona.. If you don't know.. Ask!!

September 30, 2014: Ramps at both ends of the lake are working fine, especially with the 18" of new water.. We are sitting at 269.27 today..

Use center lane ramp at the state park.

At the county ramp use the two lanes to the left, or the east.. Drop off at lanes west of those..

August 28, 2014: One more "Must Miss" attraction right now is the bridge rails in the river just below the Hedieona. It is due east of the big concrete block in the middle of the river. If you are traveling the river that far north run the channel to the west or Mexican side of the big chunk of concrete.

The Veleno Bridge should and can be avoided by running the west side of the creek when coming in and out of the Veleno.. There are still a few markers on the bridge. Skirt the brush to the right side going out..

August 11, 2014: We have dropped to a level of 269.69, or 31.51 feet low. And we continue to drop at a pace of about a foot every ten days.

The ramp at the county park here in Zapata is still working fine. The ramp at the state park is still fine in the center lane only. There is still about seven feet of water in the ditch to the ramp..

Use the center lane!

June 19, 2014: Falcon is sitting at 268.17, which still has concrete ramps well in the water at both ends of the lake. The old Veleno Bridge is still about four feet under the water, but you should skirt it to the west side. The old bridge abutment in the river just below the Salado is well out of the water so it should not be an issue.

If we loose another three feet or so of water we will start having trouble at the state park ramp. Currently there is a surge of water in the river at Laredo due to local rains so we'll see what happens.. But for right now we can launch easily on either end of the lake ..

May 15, 2014: Lake level 271.67. Ramps at County and State Park are fine.. Watch for markers on old Hwy 83 bridge leaving the Veleno.. Stay to the west coming and going!

April 25, 2014: Lake level 276.01.. No Sweat!

March 14, 2014: Ramps are good to go! Lake level 276.81..

January 28, 2014: Not a lot has changed in the ramp situation around here.. And we're up exactly six inches since I last talked about ramps. No problems at the state park or the county ramp. We are sitting at 275.86 as of today. That's 25.34' low..

We are still rising ever so slowly.. Read the post below for a few more details..

January 9, 2014: Well it has been a while since I updated the the Ramp info page.. And like they say.. No news is good news.. The county and state park ramps are both working fine.. Four wide at county, and three wide at the state park..

Lakefront Lodge and Beacon Lodge are the only two private parks that have ramps working. Beacon's ramp in the cove is working, and at Lakefront you will have to use a secondary ramp for the time being.

The old Veleno bridge has at least six feet of water over the rails, and the markers are still on it and sticking out of the water about a foot. I would still run around it to the right..

The old concrete bridge abutment in the river between Salado and Hedieona IS STILL a hazard so find out more about it if you plan on heading up the river..

The lake continues its slow rise and as of today, and we are sitting at 275.36, or 25.84 feet low.

November 2, 2013: Things are fine with the two main ramps here on Falcon. The state park ramp is working fine with all three lanes in operation.. Plenty of water in the canal out to the cove..

The county ramp is great with four wide launching on the concrete..

Beacon Lodge's ramp inside the cove is back in operation.. Lakefront lodge is on the edge of using the lower ramps.. Four Seasons ramp is still a bit out of the water. And their dock in still on dry ground..

You can launch at Tiger Island, but it is not on concrete..

The only real hazard in the water is the old bridge abutment in the river between Salado and Hedieona.. And you better know where that thing is if you are headed up the river.. It is about a foot under the water right now..

We are sitting a 273.39 as of this morning, and that is 27.81 feet low..

There is still an occasional floater in the lake, so be alert when running around out there..

September 27, 2013: Good News! We have come up enough to get us back on the state park ramp! Two wheel drive Volkswagens are now able to launch a boat at the state park. We have caught almost five feet of water from our recent low and this morning we are sitting at 265.26. Or 35.76 feet low.. And rising slowly. The bridge in the Veleno is back under water.. Stay to the right of the right hand buoys going out of the Veleno. That's the west side..

September 21, 2013: We have caught about two feet of water this week, and if we catch a bit more, we will be back on the concrete ramp at the state park.. We should continue to come up a little more in the coming week, and who knows, we might catch more than I think.. But launching conditions are fine here in Zapata at the county ramp. I'll keep you posted!

September 13, 2013: Not a lot has changed since I last wrote about launching conditions.. The county ramp here in Zapata is fine, albeit a bit flat. The east side is a bit better due to some silt that washed on it during the last heavy rain, but it will be cleaned off this week.

The ramp at the state park is out of the water, but launching can still easily be done if you have a four wheel drive truck.. Just follow the road past the ramp to the left and you will see were everyone is launching.

Currently we are holding pretty level, and just catching a bit of water.. We'll see what the rains that are predicted for this week will do.

Running the lake is no problem. If you don't know the lake well, it is a good idea to stay in the river channel till you get past marker seven. Be aware of the occasional stick up here and there..

The old Veleno bridge is well out of the water, and when you leave the creek go past the bridge on the right, or west side. Skirt the bridge by about five to ten yards and you will be fine.. The nearer the bridge the better. Do not go skirting the shore line as the old road bed does have a hump that starts about twenty yards off the bridge.. There is a good channel dug out right beside the bridge..

And like always you can stop by or call us for any info on conditions or the fishing.

August 10, 2013: Well as we thought, the state park ramp is out of commission these days. Launching is still possible on the channel of the gut leading to the ramp. Right at the corner of the gut it is a bit steep.. Great for unloading.. But it is a bit flatter just a ways past that, maybe twenty to thirty yards.. And that area works best for loading. Four wheel drive is a plus.. But some folks are getting it done with two wheel drive. If you've got a 4X4, then by all means bring it.. Often there is a barrel or two indicating where it is best managed.. Look for the area being used..

The county ramp is fine, albeit a bit flat.. But no problems there.. The Old Veleno bridge is a foot or so out of the water.. Stay to the west going out.. And coming in..

I don't recommend going north past the Salado, and you need to know where you are going if you do.. Not a lot of water up there..

July 29, 2013: Well after enjoying several weeks of concrete launching at the state park, we have about seen the end of it for a while.. A couple of days ago they pulled the plug again and the lake is back to dropping.. I don't see the concrete ramp there working for much longer.. You can still launch off the point.. 4X4 is nice to have..

Ramp at county park in Zapata is fine.. Old bridge is about six inches under water.. Markers are still in place.. Stay to the west going and coming..

July 14, 2013: The lake has dropped to 264.74, and that is right at the point where launching at the state park concrete ramp can get a bit "complicated." It is still being done, but by the end of this week, it may not be.. Releases have slowed , but a steady decline in elevation is still the order of the day..

The county ramp is lovely, and the top of the Veleno bridge will be visible any day now.. Markers are still in place so as long as you stay to the west going an coming you have no problems.

On the lake you will have no problems if you run the river channel.. But as always, proceed with caution if you do not know the area you are hauling ass in..

July 1, 2013: Both the county and the state park ramps are working fine right now. But it might not be too long for the State Park till it is tits up again.. We have lost a foot of water from our high about ten days ago, and we are continuing the slow fall. The debris in the lake is mostly in the trees on the Mexican side of the lake. But we had a little north wind yesterday around these storms (which did not amount to much) and I hear that some crap is floating around on the upper end of the lake..

Like always around here, keep your eyes open and skin er back..

June 17, 2013: The lake is full of floating cane and trees and you name it from the top to marker 7 as of this afternoon.. Ain't that awesome??

State park ramp is back in operation.. The Veleno bridge is back under water, but you better skirt it to the west for a few more days till it is a little deeper..

Caution is required at the present time.. Keep your eyes open out there.. Lots of stuff to dodge!

June 16, 2013: The lake is on the rise, and with the water running hard down the river, there is a lot of debris coming with it.. Be on the lookout for trees and who knows what floating out there for the next week. Especially on the the upper end of the lake. The good news is that we should be on the concrete ramp at the state park in a day or two..

We are sitting at 263.11 as of eight O'clock this morning.. That's 38.09 feet low.. We should catch a few more feet out of this event.. Let's hope so..

June 12, 2013: It has been a bit of musical water levels as of late.. But the ups and downs have not made a lot of difference in ramp conditions.. County is still fine.. State Park is still off the point, after being oh so close to useable.. It even was for a day or two.. We are at 262.27 as of this morning.. That's 38.93 feet low.. Pray for (more) rain!!

May 16, 2013: We have caught about three feet of water in the last ten days, and ramps at Zapata are working fine.. Although some silt is back on the ramp after last weekends big rains.. We have got 5" in the last week..

State Park concrete ramp is almost useable.. Almost. There is water in the ditch up to the concrete.. We need another foot.. But I am not sure if we will come up much as things sit.. Launching out on the point has been easy with 4x4, and two wheel drive when the ground is dry.. Which should be today or tomorrow..

May 11, 2013: The lake has been holding pretty steady for the last week, and not a lot has changed from the last report.. Just keep in mind that when you go out of the County ramp to stay near the old Veleno bridge on your way out.. Run out right beside it.. NOT 20 yards to the right.. The deep gut is right against the bridge on the west side..

State Park access is still from the rocky point out past the concrete ramp.. Use caution.. And last night it rained pretty good down there.. Make sure where you are driving is solid ground.. I am sure it will be fine when it dries up.. We had 1.25 inches of rain here last night.. Maybe more on the way..

April 24, 2013: Not sure how long it will last, but as of right now we are catching some water.. Should make the big county ramp work better as the water comes up. Point ramp is still fine..

State Park ramp still a ways out of the water. Maybe we'll get enough to get it back in operation.. Lots of folks launching out on the point.

Beacon river ramp is operational.. But there is only about four feet of water between ramp and marker thirteen. Go slow till you get in the channel..

April 15, 2013: The ramp at the county park is still working fine, and the first ramp out on the point is working as well. The old bridge out in the mouth of the Veleno is well out of the water.. Go around it on the right side.. West.. Pass near the bridge for the deepest water.. Keep in mind these conditions are changing every day.. Caution and attention to detail are important..

The state park ramp is now non functional.. Launching on the point out to the west is working, but caution should be used, as things are changing day to day. Four wheel drive is a good idea if you have the option..

The Ramp out on the point at Beacon has to be on the edge of usability.. Call there before planning on launching there to make sure.. But it can't work long..

April 7, 2013: With the lake dropping like a rock, a couple of things are happening.. The ramp at the state park is just about unusable.. It may work today and tomorrow.. But it can't last long.. If that long. Be prepared to launch on the rocky point to the west.. Four wheel drive is a good thing, but probably not a must..

The old Veleno bridge continues to wreak havoc on boats.. The tops of the rails are just under the water!

It should be wholly visible in a day or two.. No response from the county or the IWBC.. It is ridiculous..

But be warned.. This will mess up your day!

April 4, 2013: Yikes! The bridge in the Veleno is back to breaking lower units.. Stay to the right going out of the Veleno! Ask about it.. Lake dropiping rapidly.. Rails will be out of the water in a day or two!!

Will post coords ASAP!

March 28, 2013: It's that time again.. Time to talk about dropping water levels.. And as nice as it has been having a four lane wide ramp at the county, we're back to two on the east side.. That's left looking down the ramp.. But it will work there for a long time..

The state park ramp is best in the middle, and probably only the middle about now.. But it is still fine for now..

The ramp at Beacon Lodge on the point is fine, but can be tough on windy days.. Not a lot of protection out there.

The Old Bridge in the Veleno still has about three feet of water on it, but not for long.. It is time to stay to the west or right side going out of the Veleno.. Skirt the brush and you will be fine.. Ask if you do not know about it.. It still has one marker on it on the east end..

March 5, 2013: The lake has dropped a bit in the last week, and we are dropping slowly as I write.. Ramps at the county park are fine, and launching four wide is no problem right now. Hope it holds up for Bass Champs this weekend.. State Park ramps still working fine as well.

The big concrete bridge piling in the river right below Hedieona is right at water level.. It has a orange float on it currently.. Stay to the Mexican side of it as you go by about twenty yards and you'll be fine.

The bridge in the Veleno is under enough water to run over at this point, but it is a good habit to get into to stay to the west side going out.. Then we won't have to worry about it..

February 19, 2013: Ramps are not a problem at this time. Nor is the bridge in the Veleno. There is enough water over it to take it out of the danger zone.. There is however a hazard in the river below the Hedieona.. A Big One.. The concrete bridge pillar in the middle of the river is just under the water, and it is bad news for your boat and lower unit.. General area of 52.71N and 19.59W

If you are headed up that way ask for coordinates. Sorry I don't have em exact right in front of me..

January 25, 2013: The lake level has fluctuated a bit in the last few weeks, but has not gone down or up a whole lot. We are currently sitting at about 267.72, or 33.48 feet low.

The bridge in the Veleno is still the biggest bad thing out there.. And while you may be able to go over it at current levels on plane, I highly DO NOT recommend trying it.. Stay to the west side coming and going..

There are still the two floats on the east end of the bridge.. But no others..

County and state park ramps are working fine with two wheel drive vehicles, and are both good concrete ramps of course.. Use the center ramp at the state park. If we pick up a bit more water then the two on the sides will be working as well.. But for now I would still recommend the middle.

Beacon Lodge ramp on the river is still working fine.. No other motel or RV park ramps are working..

December 20, 2012: With current water levels at 266.31, not much has changed when it comes to the ramp conditions. Old Veleno bridge is at a dangerous depth so stay to the right when going out of the Veleno.. No markers have been reinstalled on the west end!!

If you run up the river be advised that there is very little water in the main river channel past Hedieona.. Pay Attention! You can still get into the Salado, but you need to run the channel..

State Park and county ramps still working fine.. Use the middle ramp at the state park..

November 16, 2012: Not a lot has changed.. Water level at 266.51. State park and county ramps working fine.. Beacon ramp on point working as well, but tough when the wind is blowing.. (When ain't it?)

Markers on Old Veleno Bridge are floating off.. Stay to west side going out of Veleno! There are still two markers on the east side..

October 24, 2012: The lake is currently sitting at 266.60, or 34.6 feet low. And at this level the county and state park ramps are working fine. Two lanes at the county, and one at the state park.. Use the center ramp at the state park. Beacon Lodge still has operational ramps on the north end of the lake, but that is about all the ramps that are working.

The Bridge in the Veleno is still about 10" under the water, and several of the big markers on the west end of it have come off.. Stay to the west side of the creek going out, about twenty five yards off the brush line and you will be fine.. That's the right side going out..

October 1, 2012: As of this morning the concrete ramp at the state park is back in operation. There is about three feet of water on the end of the ramp. Take it easy going out the cut. The lake is rising and will for the next few days, so it should only get better.. The bridge in the Veleno is back under water, but the markers are still in place.. Staying to the west is the best..

September 19, 2012: We have been catching one to two inches of water a day, and if it continues for a few more, it will not be long till the concrete ramp at the state park is back in operation. But for the short term, launching down south is still off the point.. And that means crappy.. But it might not be long..

County ramp is fine and you can launch two boats at a time just fine.. The left side looking down the ramp is the best side. Thanks to the county for cleaning it off yesterday..

September 7, 2012: The ramps at the State Park are in a word, crappy. Whether you launch on the makeshift steel ramp, or out on the end of the rocky point.. Four Wheel drive is very near a total necessity. You might launch a metal boat with a 2x4.. But it is getting dicey..

You can launch out on the end of the point by backing way, that's WAY out in the water.. Pretty much sucks.. But quite a few people are still doing it..

At the county ramp here in Zapata, there are no problems.. Unless you get behind a Border Patrol boat that takes ten minutes to launch.. The ramp out on the westernmost point is perfect.. And it appears that I am the only one using it.. Beacon Lodge has a ramp that is operational, as long as the water drops not much more.. But currently we are on a very slow rise..

August 7, 2012: As the water continues to drop, we are loosing and adding launching options. The state park concrete ramp in no longer useable, but a steel landing mat ramp has been added on the point to the west of the concrete ramp. I hear that some two wheel drive vehicles are having problems with it, and 4X4 is a good idea if you have it.

The county ramp in Zapata is still working fine, but it is a little flat.

The first of two ramps on the point to the west is now useable, and it is a fine single lane ramp, with proper slope. You have to drive out to the point to use it.. A little rough road to go over, but certainly passable. And there is a lot of parking area down there as well. Here's what it looks like. I threw all the big rocks off of it yesterday.

The ramp on the point over at Beacon is still working, and they have one more when the water gets a little lower.

There is also one more ramp here at the county when we get a bit lower.. So we will be able to launch when we are well into the fifty foot low level. Let's hope we don't have to use these ramps too long.. Pray for rain!

July 2, 2012: There have been a lot of hazards popping up lately, but none worse than the old Veleno Bridge that is currently about 15" below the waters surface. This bridge is near the mouth of the Veleno on the old Hwy 83. Be sure you know where you are going on your way out of the county ramp on the way out to the lake. Here are some coordinates for the east end of the bridge. N26° 50,975 W99° 15,949. You can pass to the east of this spot and be all right. You can also go by on the west end. I have some orange flagging material in the trees near the end of the bridge.. Skirt the trees in this area and you can pass the bridge safely. Stop by the store and we'll show you where to look for it.

The County Ramp will work for a good while yet. Although it is now down to two lanes. Beacon Lodge still has an operational ramp, out on the point. The State Park has one lane working on the concrete ramp. It is the one in the middle. Currently there is about four feet of water in the channel at the SP ramp.

February 8, 2012: Ramps in Zapata are few, but the county ramp will be working for a long time. We can launch there till water levels get to 50' low.. Which I hope I never see.. The state park ramp is also fine on the south end of the lake. And will be for another fifteen feet of water at least.

Local motels and private ramps are few.. Lakefront's lower ramps are working, but have minimal parking. Beacon still has a good ramp as well..

October 24, 2011: I have not had to update this page in a long while.. But it is time with the dropping water levels here on Falcon.

The county ramp and the state park ramps are fine, and will be for a long time. But several other ramps are inoperable..

The Lakefront Lodge ramp is not useable, although there are a couple of small ramps they have that do work.. Both are a bit hard to get to and parking is very limited..

Four Seasons main ramp is out of the water as well, but they also have a secondary ramp.. Not a lot of parking there as well.

Beacon Lodge is still a fine place to launch and they still have a four laner that is working..

The ramp at the old Redwood is nearing the end of usability, but I did see a trailer or two there lately..

Oso Blanco's main ramp is out of the water, but they also have a secondary ramp on the point.. Limited parking out there as well, but plenty if you don't mind walking a bit..

The ramp at the Tigers is out of the water.. And although some locals are putting in on a point it is tough sledding down there.. We'll see if they get something else going soon..

I'll update as is required..

June 20, 2008: The Ramps at The County and State Park are still working fine. But there is one hazard to tell you about.. The old bridge pilings UP THE RIVER before you get to the Hediona, past the mouth to the Salado, are just under the waters surface about a foot or so. If you are not familiar with this area then avoid it like the plague.. There are some concrete chunks piled up on the Mexican side of the river.. This pile of debris is in line with the old road.. You can safely pass the area near the bank on either side.. I recommend idling through the area if you do not have these marked on your GPS. They are in the general area of 52.71N and 19.59W..

The Veleno bridge does not come in to the hazard zone till about 268.23.. We are currently at 272.99.

May 9, 2008: A lot of local RV parks and Hotels ramps are not currently useable.

In Zapata the county ramp is still fine, The ramp at Beacon is fine, and the point ramp at Lakefront lodge is great. The State Park ramp will work for a long time yet, as will the County Ramp. There is a trash can holder near the county ramp dock, and I am not quite sure where it is right now.. But if you stay on the end of the dock with your boat you should be OK.. We will work on getting it identified and located..

January 8, 2008: All public ramps on the lake are functioning well at this time.. The water level is currently at about 15 feet low, and falling at about 3 inches a day. We may have to update this page a little more frequently if releases continue at this pace.. Pray for rain.

October 30, 2007: The lake level as of today is sitting at 289.46, or 11.56 feet low. The water level has remained within a couple of inches of the current for the past few weeks. It is great to see all the new water in the lake. I am sure our returning Snow-Bird friends will be amazed at the the difference when they return, and many are right now.. No problems at any of the major ramps currently. Have fun!

September 25, 2007: Most all lake ramps are functioning at this time, as our lake level has risen to 289.38, or 11.64 feet low. I am sure there are a few private ramps at the top of the lake that may be on the edge. The water has certainly slowed or nearly halted it's climb towards full, but we'll take it and be glad for what we've