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Traveling in Mexico
The following information is in no way intended to be a comprehensive account of all the things you need to think about when traveling in Mexico. Rather, it represents some issues and areas of concern that have come to our attention personally or through the experience of others.

Most of these issues pertain to anyone entering Mexico for any purpose. However, Tow Permits and Visa's are not required for trips to any destination where you do not pass a ( approximately 30 Miles in) checkpoint. That would include close in trips to Nuevo Guerrero, Sugar Lake, Las Blancas, etc.

This is subject to change by Mexican authorities so the information is only valid to the extent that we have received information when it changes. Verify everything on your own and use this document as a tool to provide you a guide to some of theinformation you need to verify.

1) Mexico Tow Permit/Permiso De Importacion Temporal De Vehiculos: The entry inspection required to secure a Permiso De Importacion Temporal De Vehiculos (Temporary Mexico Tow Permit) requires the Boat Registration and Automobile Registration and Titles for Boat, Motor, Trailer and the tow vehicle to be the same and both in the name of the person taking the rig into Mexico. Payment for this permit can be made only by credit card at the Mexico Side Bridge Offices (Approximately $20 US). Please note that there is a second document associated with this process called an Importacion Temporal De Vehiculos Comprobante De Retorino. This document has a sticker, which must be removed and attached to the windshield of the Tow Vehicle. These documents are good for 180 days only, and must be returned to an Adminstracion General De Aduanas Office at one of the entry Bridges before expiration. If not returned, or if you have an existing document issued on a different vehicle you will not be able to purchase a new permit. Recommendation: Make sure it is entered into their computer or note the information as to return location, time and date and keep copies of document, just in case.NOTE: This merits repeating!! If you have a permit on any given vehicle, that vehicle must be in your possession at the time you surrender the Vehicle Permit. Any change in vehicle must be done later and if you sell the vehicle before turning in the vehicle, you have a big problem!!

2) Travel Visa /TURISTA O TRANSMIGRANTE: In addition to the tow permit described above, a Visa is required of each person entering Mexico and traveling beyond a thirty-mile checkpoint. The Visa for entering Mexico by Land is obtained at the Bridge Offices on the Mexico side but payment requires physically going to a Mexican Bank to make the deposit (cash only). This current cost is 185 Pesos (about 21 dollars) and covers you for travel in Mexico for 180 days only. I understand this needs to be done within four days of entry, but you need to confirm the requirement at time of crossing. These documents must be returned to an Adminstracion General De Aduanas Office at one of the entry Bridges before expiration. If not returned timely, you may not be able to obtain a new Visa. Recommendation: Same as Above.

Note: It is our understanding that the above documents may be obtained at the New Guerrero Port of Entry and they now have the capability there to do everything except accept payments. Verify if this is still true before going because things tend to change rapidly in some of these areas. By crossing over at the Falcon Dam, you can avoid the congestion experienced in the larger border crossing areas.

3) Before loading your vehicle and boat, check to make sure there are no guns or ammunition of any kind, which have inadvertently fallen in the dash, rolled under the seat or have been forgotten in one of the storage compartments. Even one shell can have severe consequences, including imprisonment and seizure of your rig, if found during an entry inspection.

4) If you take medication, it is a good idea to have your prescriptions with you in a safe place. Don't even think about taking any recreational drugs. Mexican jails have few amenities. If you are bringing back any prescription medications have the prescriptions with you and be reasonable about the quantities. If your prescription is for 3 months , don't try to bring a years supply. Anyway, Mexican drugs are no longer a bargin so be sure you know what you can buy them for through an on-line RX service so you do not pay too much. This knowledge can be useful in negotiating a better price.

5) Check your Insurance to determine whether you are covered in Mexico and to what extent. You may want to consider purchase of a supplementary policy for the trip before you cross the border if your carrier excludes Mexico travel. According to BOAT/U.S., Mexican Law requires that you obtain additional liability coverage through a Mexican insurance company, and failure to comply can lead to arrest and seizure of your rig. These policies can be obtained in (Zapata Eloy Insurance 956-765-4337, Laredo Johnson's Mexico Insurance 956-722-1573 or at numerous locations in the Valley.

6) As you cross over into Mexico or return to the United States, answer the questions ask of you and do not joke around, visit, or volunteer information other than exactly what is asked of you. This just is not the time for that. Dispose of any open containers of alcohol in the vehicle before entering or departing Mexico. You can bring back a small quantity of liquor from Mexico per person duty free but here again, prices have risen to the point that Mexican liquor is not the bargain it once was considered to be and neither are the prescription medications. There is no tax collected on a quart of liquor purchased in Mexico and taken into the US via the Guerrero port of entry.

7) There is a list available of things you can bring back into the US from Mexico and if you are not sure what is permissible, request a copy of the list from the US Customs before you leave the country. Basic rule anything with seeds is no-no. Avocados are usually a bargain and can be brought back if seeds are removed first.

8) Anyone, regardless of age, fishing in Mexico, or riding in a boat which enters into Mexico carrying fishing gear must have a Mexico Fishing License. Licenses are available from Falcon Lake Tackle by mail or at the store in Zapata. All regulations and requirements are available at this site by clicking on Permits.

9) Be sure and check the fishing regulations of whichever lake you are visiting before embarking. Some special limits are put in place on various lakes from time to time to protect the spawn, confuse the visitors, etc.

10) Any time you are in any foreign land, it's a good idea to gain some familiarity with basic phrases in the land you visit. Carry a translation dictionary and phrase book and your trip will likely be even more enjoyable. Here is a good site with angler-relevant Spanish to get you started.

As mentioned earlier, this information is not comprehensive, nor is it cast in stone, since things change and information requirements may be modified without notice. I hope it helps some in providing a basic explanation of the process involved in fishing Mexico and alerts you to some issues you need to be aware of. It is easiest to hire a guide that has already permitted his/her vehicle and boat if you intend to make a limited number of trips into Mexico.


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